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        Green Garden

        Green Garden is one supplier stand in using the finest materials designed to give you and your guests years of enjoyment,we believe 

        trendsetting  design and longstanding durability will not go unnoticed.Our products are made of wicker,non-wood,wood,aluminium,

        Find your space and make it  come alive with Green Garden.


        Green Garden Team Control the product quality strictly, The quality of the produced and packed goods in all containers is being 

        checked and approved by our QC team before goods pass control and are ready for shipment.

        Now lots supplier do the QC job not seriously,they do not 100% full check the quality one by one,they just spot check,and after find quality issues then just leave one test paper for workers and told them repair,and after workers told them ok,again they spot check 

        the quality. This kinds way for sure will have problems.

        We are different,all our QC team staff have the experience of workers because we choose the QC from producing team,and practice 

        them to check the product quality standing in consumers position.Professional knowage and consumers standpoint quality control

        methods sepcial, and most important is we are 100% full check quality,and if quality have 

        the problems,then our QC staff will stay with workers repair togetherand teach or discuss 

        with workers how to repair,and after all quality problem is settled and see by our QC staffs 

        eyes,then we will allow the shipment.

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